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The development of the railway network project in Oman is partially driven by the development of the GCC Railway Mainline. Designed to generate economic, social and environmental benefits for each of the member countries, the GCC Railway Mainline will link all six GCC member countries along their eastern sea border, from Kuwait in the north, through Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates to Oman in the south.


In order to effectively facilitate cross-border trade and thus maximize the impact created, the entire rail network in the GCC region is designed to allow full interoperability. Furthermore, the network will accommodate both passenger and freight services.

The entire rail network in Oman will ultimately span 2,135 km and connect Oman’s significant ports, industrial areas, mineral deposits and population centres with each other and the broader GCC region (see above map).

The railway will comply with the following technical specifications:

  • Double track designed for future electrification

  • Safety by design (no crossings at grade, protected by fencing)

  • Mixed freight and passenger operations

  • Locomotive and wagons axle load of 32.4 tons

  • International design standards (AREMA AAR/UIC)

  • State-of-the-art signalling and communication systems (ETCS Level 2, GSM-R).

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