GCC Network

The Gulf region is growing rapidly. Areas that were desert 30 years ago are now vibrant modern communities. The population of the region continues to grow rapidly. As international companies locate offices in the Gulf States and service industries develop in response to new opportunities, along with this growth in buildings and population, there has been a dramatic increase in the demand for transport and for the infrastructure and facilities needed to support it - roads, ports and airports. It is now becoming apparent,that the growth in metropolitan travel demand cannot be met by roads alone.

As part of Oman's national logistic's strategy and overall development direction, Oman intends to realize the value, that its geographical position provides as a gateway to the Middle East, Africa and South West Asia. To do this, an inter-modal approach is being used, whereby the ports provide the access to sea lanes and the railway network the access into the Middle East and beyond. Oman has three deep water and two industrial ports, five international airports and over 2000km of planned rail network connecting these facilities and borders.

The proposed regional integrated GCC Railway will support GCC economic development, sustain growth at national and regional levels, foster economic development, growth and integration, enhance regional trade facilitation and promote GCC supporting industries in the neighbouring economies.


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