Chairman Message

It is pleasure to welcome you, to Oman Rail, where our great ambitions of implementing the railway project are becoming true. The Company, after its establishment in the middle of –2014– is now hastening pace towards realizing the vision and programs it has set.

Undoubtedly, logistics system today acts as the mainstay of any contemporary economy. Hence, the development and integration of such system, and ensuring the availability of alternatives, as well as enhancing competitiveness is inevitable should we wish to take the lead with others.

The main task of the Company, at the moment, is to become the backbone of such system and the main drive of bolstering competitiveness and enabling transport and logistics system to play the role sought after in supporting our economy.

Therefore, we have started with earnest endeavour to turn our ambition into reality. The railway project in the Sultanate has witnessed a qualitative development as it has turned from being a technical project confined to tenders, design and implementation, to an integrated project that may become one of the sinews of the sustainable growth of the GDP of the Sultanate and promote the Sultanate commercial position in the region and beyond. The Company’s website reflects the main features, objectives and plans of the Project.

Finally, I assert that all of us should work together very hard, clear-sightedly and with national consciousness to create a sustainable environment for the GDP growth. It is granted that the wider the ambitions are, the greater the challenges will be. Consequently, let us join hands to translate such ambitions into reality in order to put the Sultanate in the lead, both economically and commercially.

May God help us to serve this openhanded, beloved country under the wise leadership of H.M. Sultan Qaboos Bin Said, may God protect him.

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