Our Brand

OmanRail brand identity design project of has undergone several stages before it reached the present skillfully designed brand. This included conducting surveys of public opinion and aspirations as regards the Railway Project in the Sultanate, and the role that such Project will play in terms of transforming the public transport system within the whole region, along with the positive impacts it will bring about at all levels

The results revealed that, as far as the public is concerned, there is a need to communicate a message and establish a standpoint regarding this Project so that what once was a mere dream in the collective imagination will move now to the implementation phase on the ground, and eventually the railway would become operational within few years.

The design concept is based on symbolizing OmanRail as an ambassador bringing the treasure of tradition, economy, trade, history, social integration and of course, tourism. It highlight OmanRail as the "railway of Oman", associating it with natural beauty, culture, and people of Oman.

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