About Us

Oman Rail has the mandate to develop the rail network as a major step in Oman's journey to become a key logistics hub for the region. The rail network is being built in conjunction with other GCC member countries to connect rail services within the Gulf countries. The 2,135kilometre rail network - the country’s first - is connecting major Oman Ports of Sohar, Duqm and Salalah, to the GCC and consequently wides region.


Develop the rail network so that logistics industry becomes a significant GDP player and Oman becomes the region’s gateway.test


To Provide competitive, safe and reliable rail based logistics solutions.


The key values that underpin Oman Rail initiatives and what they represent for the Company are:-

  • Excellence and Innovation:We will strive for excellence in all we do, with each person’s contribution being a valuable part of collaboration within a team and we will encourage and foster innovation in all aspects of our activities.
  • Nurture and Growth:We will nurture and develop the capability of our employees to a world class level and the ability of our supply chain to locally support us, as well as facilitate and contribute to the development of rail industry sector in Oman.
  • Trust and Respect:We will collaborate to have a culture of respect, trust and dignity for all.
  • Integrity and Transparency:We will always be open, honest and direct in all of our dealings.

Why is railway preferred

  • On average, one freight train can carry 1,000 tonnes of freight replacing 50 trucks movement
  • On the whole, rail-based cargo transport is at least 30 per cent cheaper than by road
  • Rail is about 9 times safer mode of transport than road 
  • Rail transport uses about 60-80% less energy per kilometre than road transport 
  • Transporting cargo by rail results in 80% lesser CO? emissions, compared to transporting cargo by road 
  • Rail offers relatively higher speed than road, along with safety and reliability 
  • Noise damage from road traffic is estimated to be about 25 times that of rail 

On average, a double track railway can carry up to 10 times the number of people per hour than a two-lane road

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